Personal Training & Fitness App

new - Personal Training and Fitness App

Your health is important, which is why Welch Road Apartments offers the new Fit From Anywhere app where residents can now book complimentary personal training sessions, live-streamed group classes, and more.

Residents will receive an email invitation to set up their account. Two complimentary accounts per address. Contact us at to add a second account.

Additional fitness classes and personal training sessions available.


Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark is an Exercise Therapist (National College of Exercise Professionals) and Certified Personal Trainer (NCEP) with over 17 years and 26,000 hours of experience in fitness coaching. He has been serving the Stanford community since 2004 when he began working for the Health Improvement Program and Stanford Athletics. In 2009, he spearheaded the on-site fitness program at Stanford West Apartments and has helped countless residents up-level their fitness.


He created the Fit From Anywhere platform in 2021 with the notion that exercise/programming knowledge or access to equipment shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving one’s fitness goals. 


In addition to being an exercise fanatic, Cameron is a vintage british car enthusiast and a father.




Fitness amenities are now available at Welch Road Apartments!

What is the Fit From Anywhere App?

In 2021, the Fit From Anywhere platform was created with the notion that fitness shouldn’t be limited by the 4 walls of a gym or knowledge. It’s a unique platform that helps overcome the hurdle of not knowing what exercises to do when you’re in the gym, at home, or literally anywhere! This app will be a great tool for your exercise routine at our new on-site Fitness Center (coming soon)!


FFA App - Fitness at Your Fingertips!

  • Progress tracking - Take the guesswork out of remembering what you did for your last workout.

  • Community gym specific (coming soon!) OR home workouts with video demonstrations so you can feel confident, train properly and never feel lost again!

  • Efficient and simple workouts (but not easy)

  • New workouts every month to make sure you never plateau



Book and Manage Your Appointments!

  • Reserve and modify your personal training session appointments

  • Schedule virtual group classes

  • Get reminders about upcoming appointments and waitlist updates



Trainings, Live Classes, and Special Guests

  • Daily live-streamed group classes!

  • Each month: we bring in a special guest to educate around other topics with fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, etc.

  • Growing “exercise on demand” library - yoga, barre, Zumba, boot camp



Health and Wellness Resources

  • Monthly recipe pack so you always have new tasty ideas that won’t sabotage your goals

  • Each month: new exercises, healthy eating guides/resources/tips, and more to help you understand how to better work towards your goals.


Monthly Challenges

  • Each month I host a brand new accountability challenge to help keep you motivated.

  • Monthly prizes for participation, leaderboard winners, etc.



Community Specific Group

  • See workout plans specific to your on-site community gym (coming soon!)

  • Post your wins or get support in the discussion board

  • Check the leaderboard and compete against your neighbors!


Swimming Pool

The main amenity here at Welch Road is our heated swimming pool.  Centrally located on the property, it is a great place to go relax and work on your tan, or cool off on a hot day. The pool area is currently under construction.

Additional Information

Welch Road also benefits from a dedicated parking attendant, ensuring that only current residents have vehicular access to the property.  Take comfort in knowing that you will always have a space waiting for you when you come home.