2024 GME Lottery

This page is intended for the 2024 Graduate Medical Education housing lottery. Incoming house staff who are entered into the lottery are assigned a Lottery Identification Number via email prior to the draw. The listing order of the lottery is determined via a third-party draw service. Results will be posted here after May 3, 2024. Entry into the lottery does not guarantee an apartment. Welch Road Apartments will offer units that are available according to the lottery draw order listed here. Prospective tenants will be contacted by Welch Road Apartments via email and/or phone if an apartment becomes available. Prospective tenants must make a decision on the apartment within 24 hours of the unit offer. The lottery will end on June 3, 2024. Those who did not receive an apartment offer during the lottery can join the regular waiting list for apartment offers, based on priority and waiting list sign-up date.

Results of the 2024 GME Lottery will be posted here after the draw has been completed. Please use your Lottery Identification Number to determine your position in the lottery.

For more information regarding the GME lottery, please click here.